Student Uniform Policy:

The following dress code applies to all students:

  • Tops:
    • Solid white dress shirts only.
    • No dickies, t-shirts, golf shirts, or midriff shirts are permitted.
    • During cold weather, hood-less sweaters/sweatshirts in solid navy (no logos) will be permitted.
    • All students must wear a solid navy blue tie. Female students may wear a crisscross tie if preferred.
  • Bottoms:
    • Solid tan khaki colored pants or knee length skirts are permitted.
    • No sweat pants, mini-skirts, short-shorts, cargo pants, or jeans are permitted.
  • Shoes:
    • Solid black or brown shoes are permitted.
    • No open toe sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, slippers, or slides are permitted to be worn during the school day.
    • Sneakers may be worn during Physical Education class, but must be replaced by shoes before returning to any other class.


Electronics Policy:

Electronic devices are not permitted in the school. If they are detected, visible, turned on, ringing, and/or being used by the student owner or someone else  the following will take place:

  • 1st offense: Electronic devise will be taken and returned to that student on Friday of that week.
  • 2nd offense: Electronic devise will be taken and a parent must come in, after school, on Friday of that week to pick up the phone.
  • 3rd offense: Electronic devise will be taken and not returned until the end of the school year.


Tardiness Policy:

We at West Philadelphia High School are concerned about students’ academic achievement as well as their safety. Students in the hallway during class time is a problem. Students arriving late to school will be missing part of their first period class which will be reflected in their grades. We will consistently enforce lateness  as follows:

  • Students are late to school at 8:01 AM.
    • Students arriving  8:01 AM – 8:59 AM will be admitted but will be late to first period class.
    • Students arriving 9:00 AM and later must be accompanied by their parent or guardian to gain admission to the school.
  • Students will be considered late to class if they are not completely inside their classroom door when the bell rings.
    • Teachers may assign after school detentions according to their individual classroom policy.